"I am trying to visit every single country on the planet...
...and today you have made it to my website"

Luca Pferdmenges

Luca Pferdmenges is TikTok’s most followed travel content creator, amassing over 2.7 million followers just on the app. He is internationally known for his mission (and catch phrase) to visit every single country in the world. Luca has so far set foot in 184 countries, only 11 remain. At just 22 years old, he is also attempting to become the youngest man to do this.

What most people don’t know: “The German Travel Guy” hasn’t always been travelling – he is also a world record holding juggler and performer!
Born and raised in Mönchengladbach, Germany, Luca discovered the art of juggling at just 10 years old. Fast forward to 2016 and he appears in the TV talent casting show “Superkids”, reaching the final episode and conquering the hearts of millions of people. Luca has since broken numerous Guinness World Records in sport juggling and won countless gold medals in competitions. Through performing juggling shows worldwide, he soon discovered his love for travelling. After representing Austria at the 19th International Circus Festival of China in 2019, he asked the organisers to book his return flight not to Austria – but to Uzbekistan! A new era began, Luca travelled wherever and whenever he could. Then, during the Covid-19 pandemic, all juggling shows got cancelled in an instant. All juggling-related work was gone. So naturally, he decided to work on something new; changing all his social media accounts to @TheGermanTravelGuy and focus on creating travel videos.

Luca has been travelling full-time since 2021. He has since been listed on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 List (2022), travelled on an iron-ore cargo train into the Sahara desert in Mauritania, and showered in cow pee in South Sudan. Luca has also authored two German-language books: "Billig Reisen" & "Jonglieren wie ein Profi".

+2,7M TikTok followers

+175k Instagram followers

Guinness World Records

+20M monthly views

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Mission: Visiting every country in the world

11 countries left (April 2024)

Europe ✅44/44
North + Central America ✅23/23
South America ✅12/12
Africa 45/54
Australia & Oceania13/14

Recent TikTok Posts:

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Imagine your brand being seen by over 20 million people every month. Advertised on an account that receives over 10k likes on any given day. Luca Pferdmenges is TikTok’s most followed travel content creator, reaching over 11 million individual accounts monthly.

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Instagram: 178,877 followers
TikTok: 2,742,606 followers

Instagram + 5,783,184 individual accounts reached every month
Instagram + 5,245,625 individual accounts reached every month

TikTok account demographics
Instagram account demographics

TikTok: +323,520 content interactions monthly
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Instagram: + 151,528 content interactions monthly
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TikTok: ~37k new followers monthly
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Instagram: +58k new followers over the last 90 days
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@thegermantravelguy I did the #squidgame cookie 🍪 challenge in South Korea🇰🇷🤯 #travel #challenge #safetywing #nomadinsurance #fypシ ♬ Pink Soldiers - 23


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  • South Sudan
  • Latin America
  • Oceania
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