About me

& my plan


“I want to become the youngest man to ever travel to every country on the planet”

Hi! I am Luca and I am 20 years old. So far, I have been to 89 out of 195 countries. I am a multiple Guinness World Record Holder and TikToker with more than 1 million followers. I also shoot longer videos and stories about and with people from all across the globe. My mission is to educate people through my travel videos and thus to fight prejudice and discrimination.

Originally, I am a circus artist. I hold 3 Guinness World Records in sport juggling – I even made it into the latest edition of the Guinness World Records book (2022).

Through international performances and shows (on a self-employed basis), I developed a passion for travelling. Last year, I decided to become a digital nomad and travel full time. I heard about Lexie Limitless and Drew Binsky, who both had the goal to visit every country. After some research, I figured that I could become the youngest man to ever travel to every country in the world. It is a very challenging goal to say the least, but I am so grateful for the experiences and support that I receive from people around me.

I’m an absolute geography and politics nerd, so I enjoy discovering different world views on my journeys. My interest in geography has not only brought me around the world, it also made me study languages. In fact, I speak German, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. In addition to that, I am currently learning Arabic. My goal is to highlight the kindness of humans from all over the globe, to tackle prejudices and hate.

Social Media

In 2017 and 2018, I worked together with musical.ly Inc. (now TikTok), producing content for the social media platform and appearing in international influencer events like the “Muserbattle” in Berlin and the “DoubleTap LIVE” Shows. Through the cooperation with musical.ly, I build a big following on the app with more than 1 million followers. My TikTok account (@thegermantravelguy) is also verified with the blue tick.

On Instagram (@thegermantravelguy), I share pictures, videos and stories from my journey around the world on a regular basis. I have over 13k followers on Instagram, most of which come from the global sports or travel community.

I recently embarked on the journey to document my travels to every country in the world on YouTube. I upload travel vlogs, tutorials and other content related to travelling.


I love challenges, learning new things and expanding my knowledge. Needless to say, I am always up for meeting people during my travels.

So if YOU want to show me around your city, just drop me a DM on Instagram!

The German Travel Guy in Finland